Mechanical Reperation

Autostar provide mechanical services to Businesses, NGO's, UN Agencies and Embassies within Bangui,CAR and the surrounding areas. Autostar specialised in all types of mechanic and auto services including all major and minor mechanical repairs to all makes and models.

Autostar leading mechanics have over 20 years of experience in the auto mechanics industry, so if you are looking for a local mechanic to help you with your auto needs, look no further than Autostar .

If you are having problems with any of the mechanical systems in your vehicle, Autostar can be relied upon to diagnose the problem and put things right.


Electrical Reperation

The electrical system is fundamental to a vehicle's operation and gives power to an array of parts including the alternator, starter, and battery. Each vehicle's electrical system has its own nuances based on its age, make and model.

Some newer vehicles have a complex computer system that interacts with vehicle functions including sensors, brakes, steering, and more.

Troubleshooting these electrical components often requires the use of an advanced diagnostic technology that is only available through an experienced technician.